Exciting news…High Point Market 9th Style Spotter Competition

I had a very busy and exciting week. Last Monday, I was notified I had been selected as one of the 15 Finalists in the High Point Market 9th Style Spotter Competition. This is a huge honor.  I am thrilled and a bit overwhelmed as I am not a particularly competitive person, especially in athletic situations.  I was and am highly uncoordinated.  Hence the bruises all over me at most times. But style, I got that.  Having been the kid picked last for the gym team I feel like I can possibly redeem myself through this.  

Shopping is my sport and I must say I am quite adept at it. Style spotting is the sport I have been missing all the years.  I believe that I could be the captain of this team.  

But, along with me, 14 other would be masters of style happen to also be involved, so I desperately need all of my loyal readers, friends, family and everyone to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.  I could also use the six degrees of separation effect where possible.  Not trying to turn this into a Tupperware Party, but referrals are appreciated, I am sure you get my gist.

During the last week, I put together Olioboards using only the products from Spring 2012 High Point Market that have been pre-selected.  I can do as many as I want but, the single board with the most votes wins the position.  I am considering sticking with simple and will probably only post a board or two.  I created several boards that are colorful and succinct, but they are reflective of my style and I plan to edit down from that group.  

Here are the 8 Style Spotters thus far. What an amazing group including fellow Charlottean and design pal, Traci Zeller.

Here are the other finalists…A very creative and artistic bunch:


Jennifer Reynolds Interiors

Tamara Matthews Stevenson, NestNestNest

Joni Vanderslice, J. Banks Design

Kara Legato Interior Design

Christy Davis, A Modern Housewife

Carmen Christenson, A Modern Housewife

Selma Hammer Design

Niche by Design

Laura Van Zeyl,  Residential Lighting

Sara Walker, Curated House

Lisa Mende Design (another fab  Charlottean)

Ivy DeLeon,  ID Home Decor

Denise McGaha Interior Design

I will let you all know when it is time to vote.  I am counting on my peeps!


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