Happy Friday!

Today, I picked up my son from a month at Falling Creek Camp.  He had to time of his life and was really sad to leave, which I think is supposed to be a good thing. It is real boys camp. They get dirty, play hard and have fun.  It is simple summer bliss as it was intended to be.

I am happy to have him back..after I finish the nasty mildewed laundry and send him to the shower a few more times(twice thus far has not gotten him totally clean.)

We hustled to the mountains for an afternoon swim and thorough cleaning of my boy and his gear.  I was thrilled to have a great surprise!  Our new custom golf cart was delivered.  It is the perfect combination of Farrow and Ball Hague Blue and Charlotte's Locks is striping and orange upholstery.  I LOVE it! My inspiration was from my favorite Goyard and Louis Vuitton totes. 

I am off for a cocktail hour ride with this yummy Cherry Beergarita.  You must try to believe.  The recipe is from The Blond Cook.

Have a great weekend!