Jewelry Love: Piet Jac Designs

I am thrilled to introduce you to a new friend and talented Charlotte jewelry designer.

I had the pleasure of spending a few days with the loveliest ladies at The Southern C Summit. I had a ball with old friends and made lots of new ones.  One of new friends is this featured creative genius with a heart of gold and a killer sense of style. She hand cuts, dyes the recycled leather, sews and beads each piece with beads exclusively from Asia. It is a true labor of love and it shows in each one. 

Enjoy getting to know.

Hallie Eban


Piet Jac Designs

What is your training? 

 My background is in investment and trading. It was interesting, allowed me to travel and definitely challenging. I enjoyed it but it was not my passion. I needed to feel like I was doing good and making an impact. I have always been involved in the non-for-profits. My father, my role model, lived a philanthropic life and I wanted to create something that honored him and my mother. I wanted to create something as a way of giving back that was creative, different and something I enjoyed


What inspires you and your designs?

My volunteerism in South America; travels in Asia, US and Europe. Museums, architecture, and galleries while traveling are my source of inspiration. Colors were inspired by my parent’s coffee plantations in the Montagnard Highlands.

What is your favorite piece?

 The De Gar of Chakra. This was my first “test design.” I love the Indonesian agate, Thai coconut beads, and red rudraksha. The Greeks believed red was a color of the Gods.


What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?

 Lumiere. I am from an area in Vietnam that has a huge French influence, the Montagnard Highlands. I also love that they have Hunt Slonem paintings. 


What is your favorite cocktail?

 Liquor is a language I have yet to learn. I am a Bordeaux and coffee girl, maybe it’s because I appreciate the complexity of wine and coffee. I have actually made my own wine when I lived in Washington State.


 How do you balance personal life and work?

 I have wine and work days. They happen to be my most creative and productive days. You can have your cake and eat it too.

 Dream trip?

Climbing Mount Everest, trekking the Sahara – there are so many things I want to do. I believe in an “and world” and not an “or world” Maybe it’s the millennial, or the immigrant in me. I want to do it all.


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Favorite gift? Anything.

I love giving a good bottle of wine.


Who is your style icon? 

As I’m learning the fashion business, I am also exploring brands. Before designing, my closet was completely Brooks Brothers and Lululemon. I worked and I worked out. I have recently discovered Manoush, Stella Jean Ltd skirts (TDF!),  and Vita Kin. Thank God for Pooleshop, right? 


Your favorite up and coming artist?

Charlotte artist, Windy O’Connor.

She’s fabulous and we are doing a trunk show together February 23rd.


 What is your most treasured possession?

 I have an old 3 x 5 name tagged created by the International Organization of Migration. In the photo, I have what I like to call “the communist haircut.” The same haircut that every female student wore: short, bangs, straight and always clean. I am not smiling in this photo. This document served as a passport to travel to a country that offered us asylum. The IOM was created after WWII for Jewish immigrants. It is my reminder to remain humble and to remember my roots.


What are you reading?

Textbooks. I’m currently in school testing out the waters in medicine/medical anthropology. My father was a physician in Vietnam. Later this month, I will be going to Haiti to work at a clinic in Grande Goave.


My favorite modern writer is David Foster Wallace.


What are you listening to?

 The news. It’s hard to mute. And I still follow the stock and bond market.


What are your favorite blogs / publications?

My favorite accounts to follow on Instagram is Architectural Digest. I love Bjarke Ingels, Frank Gehry and Santiago Calatrava. Bjarke Ingels has changed the New York skyline in recent years.


Check out her beautiful handmade pieces that you can purchase HERE

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