LCDQ Legends: Best of the Windows

I cannot believe it is almost been two weeks since I returned home from LCDQ Legends Events! The events seem to get better each year. Crowds have grown and the speakers were incredible. The number of lectures alone were staggering.

One of the highlights for me as always is the windows. I love the diversity of the windows with each designer taking their creativity to the max all based on the theme of “one-of-a-kind.”

As an ambassador for the events excited to announce with The La Cienega Design Quarter  the winners of this year’s LEGENDS window design contest! A total of 65 designers transformed the shop and showroom windows of LCDQ, and each were voted upon in three separate categories, including Viewer’s Choice, Ambassadors’ Choice, and Editors’ Choice.

The Editors’ Choice designation goes to 2 designers: Jamie Bush for his design of the Richard Shapiro Studiolo showroom window and Mark Cutler for his transformation of Gina Berschneider’s window.

Designer Jamie Bush at the Richard Shapiro Studiolo showroom.


Designer Mark Cutler at the Gina Berschneider showroom.


The LEGENDS social media ambassadors awarded Bill Ingram and Estee Stanley the Ambassadors’ Choice award for their designs at Kristen Buckingham and Laurel & Wolf, respectively.

Designer Bill Ingram at the Kristen Buckingham showroom.


Designer Estee Stanley at Laurel & Wolf.


Based on online voting over 2 days, the Viewers’ Choice award goes to Nicole Sassaman for her design of Paul Ferrante’s showroom window and to Onik Agaronyan for his window at Dessin Fournir.

Designer Nicole Sassaman at the Paul Ferrante showroom.


Designer Onik Agaronyan at the Dessin Fournir showroom.


The cornerstone of LEGENDS is the windows of the LCDQ, which are transformed on each year’s theme. The theme for LEGENDS 2016 is “One of a Kind.”

To view the full list of designers and their window posters,  click here.

To view all of the LEGENDS 2016 windows,  click here.

Here are a few more of my personal favorites


#Harbinger – @Molly Luetkemeyer


#Harbinger – #MegJoannides


#ElizabethEakins – @GriffinDesignSource


#RebornAntiques – #CariBerg


@Nathan Turner – #IndiaHicks


#ClaremontAntiques – #KateStamps


@Barclay Butera – @Parker Kennedy 

Obsessed with this Mark Boomershine painting! 


#Hollyhock – #TammyConnor


@Nicky Rising – @Vance Burke

 Aren’t they all so fun? 

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