OAC Instagram Art Pop-Up Shop

I am excited to introduce you to Original Art Collective.  

They are a group of talented artists, many of whom I have featured in my Artist Spotlight Series, that have come together to collaborate in a wonderful way.

 You can purchase on their first Pop-up shop on Instagram Sunday if you are speedy!  

This is a great opportunity to built your art collection with original pieces from artists on the rise. 


Lesley Grainger started this art collective to help other artists work together as a collective and share their art on Instagram. She hopes it will turn into something even more beautiful. They have bonded over instagram and now are talking about doing some sort of retreat together.
It’s amazing what happens over Instagram!
 Each artist will be selling 3 pieces from $50-400.
Here is a sneak peek at some of the items: 


Katherine Freeman_EAT MORE CHICKEN (20 x 24)

Katherine Freeman

Eat More Chicken

Jenny Prinn_oceanwaves_18x24

Jenny Prinn

Ocean Waves 


Lesley Grainger


Megan Penaariet_Southampton_11x15

Megan Pena-Ariet


Suzy Lindow_Moonlit Jig_18x24

Suzy Lindow

Moonlight Jig

Susannah Bleasby_Beautiful Landslide_16x16

Susannah Beasley

Beautiful Landscape

Gee Gee Collings_Figure in Green_18x24

 Gee Gee Collins

Figure in Green 


Eva Magill-Oliver

Wave collage

Leslie Weaver_Mel_9x12 

Leslie Weaver 


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Set you alarm for 10am Sunday so you do not miss this opportunity! 

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