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  Kyle Bunting  Louis in Extremis pillows I have always had a bit of a skull fetish, not in a goth way but, I think […]

It is no secret I love the work of Lindsay Cowles and I LOVE color.  These too combine in WALLPAPER. Woohoo.  This paper will be […]

A lazy night watching the Emmy awards and my recent Napa trip gave me the idea of wine and food pairings translated into Emmy ensembles and rooms.  Here […]

I just watched Bottle Shock.  It is pure enjoyment from start to finish if you love wine!  It was the perfect nightcap to our Napa […]

Are you feeling Foxy this fall?  The design world seems to be…. Equestrian Chic is in style for sure. My weakness for foxes stems from […]

I visited the new Whole Foods in Charlotte…it was insanely packed! I love the sign as you are leaving…   A client took this Rana Rochat out […]

This was a great week. The children started 6th, 4th and Kindergarten.  All are happy and loving being back with their friends.  Freedom from 7:30 […]