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To my dog lovers, This is for you. These are too amazingly crafted not to share.  Shelter Pups at so unbelievable. They are custom made to […]

Bowood Chintz by Cowtan and Tout is a perennial classic.  I love the design trend articles that are popping up as January's answer to the December […]

I started blogging almost 1 year ago as my New Year's resolution. Now 331 posts later, this may be the only resolution I have ever […]

Today we are celebrating my husband's 29th (not really) birthday.  We have 2 December birthdays in this house to add to the frenzy… We had […]

Tonight is the night to trim the tree.  It went up last night finally.  I am a bit off my game this year but, am […]

VIA I stumbled upon the most fabulous room on Pinterest and started researching to find the designer behind it.  I was a tad surprised to […]

One of the many joys of aging is eyesight. My eyes are going on me. It is driving me crazy because my clarity of eyesight […]