Press Love: Well + Wonder Guest Curator

I am thrilled to be the first guest curator for Well + Wonder Collective.

As a lover of art and supporter of the emerging artist I am thrilled to share my two cents and favorites from this wonderful source.

Introducing Well + Wonder Guest Curator Holly Phillips!


We can’t help it but we find that keeping secrets is just too hard…so why not just share them all?! We are thrilled to introduce a new series we are working on where we invite the most fabulous designers, bloggers, and art aficionados to become Well + Wonder’s own guest curators!  Through a collaboration with designers, artists, and collectors our hope is that through a guest curator series we will introduce you (our readers) to all of the amazing emerging southern artists and their original art work that is featured on Well + Wonder! And to offer this art work from someone else’s perspective to me is icing on the cake! To kick off this new series we couldn’t think of anyone better suited for the job than interior designer and blogger extrodinaire for The English Room, Holly Phillips. A native of Charlotte, NC, Holly is a proponent of original art as well as one of the most well established designers in the southeast; she is an ultimate champion of Southern design. We sat down with Holly to learn a little bit more about herself as well as what her take on art interacting with design.

Tell us about yourself.

My real name is Nancy Virginia, Hollingsworth Phillips. I go by Holly and have since birth because I was born on Christmas Day. I am an interior designer because it allows me to be creative and shop for a living. I am a true shopaholic in every sense of the word. I am an avid traveler filled with constant wanderlust to see every inch of the world. Travel fills me with such inspiration.  I am also a blogger, mother to 3, art addict, animal lover and a style aficionado.

Why did you start your blog/brand/business?

My blog was truly started by mistake by my website creator.  They put in a section on my first site and suggested I blog to marketing purposes. I did a few half-hearted posts, quit for 6 months and started again as a New Year’s resolution and now I haven’t missed a day in years and am 2300+ posts later. I truly enjoy this natural outlet to share what interests me creatively through interiors, fashion, travel & lifestyle.

What is currently on your nightstand?   What are you reading?

Sadly, I am not much of a reader.  I am always perusing the latest design books but I rarely read a novel.  I am currently loving Alexis Swanson Traina’s From Napa with Love.

What is your biggest score online to date?

I recently picked up a vintage gold and diamond brooch/pendant of an elephant (which I collect) that was a steal.  I got it for about a 5th of its worth. I love a good find and the thrill of the hunt.

It is said to look for art that “makes your heart skip a beat.” What aspects of art make your heart skip?

I am generally drawn to art with bold colors and movement. It is hard to explain what it is that speaks to you but you know when it does.

What is the benefit of buying art through a collective?

You have the ability to acquire emerging artists that are still at a very moderate price point yet have been vetted by someone in the field.

If you have the entire day to spend in an art museum, which one and why?

That is a hard one. I recently visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and was absolutely mesmerized by the combination of exquisite architecture, carefully curated decorative arts combined with fine art.  It truly is the whole package.

When and where do you get the biggest surge of inspiration?

Travel is certainly the best source of inspiration for me.  The different design styles and cultural diversity always fill me with ideas.  Marrakech, Morocco and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico were both incredibly influential and inspiring design pilgrimages.  India is next on my list.

The key to making a house a home?

Your home has to be layered with items that you love.  It has to reflect your personality and sense of style not that of a designer or trend.

What does a home need more of and less of?

A home needs collections of your most treasured possessions and not mass made furniture that has no history or heart. It has to be a mix to be interesting.

The greatest color combination that ever existed?

I love all colors. The brighter the better generally.

What’s your favorite housewarming gift?

Wine always works or a pretty piece of pottery with fresh flowers.

So, tell us a bit about your corner of the world – where do you live and what do you love about it?

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the best state with both mountains and beach within a short drive.  I love the southern charm.


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