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My recent Artist Spotlight Series feature, Melvin G is having a pop-up sale at Furbish Studio starting at 11am.   DO NOT MISS IT. They […]

  Studio Four NYC has collaborated with Brooklyn artist Wayne Pate (featured in my Artist Spotlight Series) to translate his original paintings into a playful and […]

Fans and followers in other cities always wonder if The English Room is real. It is real alright! It is my office, my shop, my […]

The fashion Super Bowl is tonight!  I cannot wait to be back with my Dress to Room Pairings late.  Be sure to subscribe to my […]

I have whipped out my latest Dress to Room Pairings for the Screen Actors Guild Awards for your viewing pleasure after a busy day exploring Toledo and Talavera Spain.    […]

This sweatshirt defines me and my weekend.  Marshall and I ignored our children and binge watched Making a Murderer all day on Saturday. …all day… the whole […]

Things are finally happening around this joint!   Goodies have been installed, shipped, delivered, scheduled to be delivered, etc…If all goes as planned I should be […]

I was thrilled to hear an artist I long admire is having a solo show at a Santa Fe gallery that has proved to be […]