Southern Artist Spotlight Series: Miranda Lake

New Orleans, Louisiana
What is your training? 
I am primarily self-taught with the aid of a few key workshops sprinkled here and there over the years. I also have a BA in Art History from UNC-Chapel Hill under my belt that comes in handy from time to time.
What inspires you and your designs?
In a nutshell I'd say flora and fauna, color, pattern, evolution, decay, mythology, Jungian psychology, the Fibonacci Sequence, sociocultural trending and graphic design.
What is your favorite piece? 
I have a few I'm rather attached to in part because while creating them I was struck by how much of my work was evolving into a form of self portraiture, which I had previously not been pursuing with awareness.
One in particular, "hare trigger",  was made during what felt like a very dangerous time in my life. I was holding someone from the old boys' club legally accountable for a grave transgression against my self, health and well-being. I was fighting the good fight, but there was no way to know how things would pan out… would the rabbit escape or be eaten alive?
In case anyone is wondering…
    Rabbits 1, Snakes 0.
    Game over.
How has the south influenced your work?
I moved to New Orleans in '98 and fell hard fast. I am now completely unfit to live anywhere else in America! 
For me, the visual vocabulary of the city, the melange of people and cultures, and the resounding sense of place combined with a total disregard for conventional observations of time creates the perfectly dreamy space bubble in which to create, imagine, and explore. 
Since I didn't start my painting career until I had already lived in New Orleans for 4 or 5 years it's hard to pinpoint exactly how the city and Louisiana shape my aesthetic, but she's certainly in there. Grand decay and noble rot will always be a part of my palette.
What is your favorite restaurant in New Orleans?
This question is impossible to answer!
There's so many to choose from and great new places are opening all the time; the food truck scene is exploding and supper clubs featuring up-and-comers are practically a daily event.
I'm trying 3 new places just this week so the jury is always out… to lunch, or perhaps dinner.
I went to Lucky Rooster the other day and can't wait to work my way through their menu.
Tonight I'm going to Peche, which I'm sure will be yet another delicious and sparkly jewel in Donald Link's crown.
Later in the week I'm trying Toup's Meatery, which had me at "Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Bacon Doberge Cake". No wonder my jeans don't fit!
What is your favorite cocktail?
The one someone else mixes or pays for.
How do you balance personal life and work?
I don't. 
Dream trip?
Endlessly around the world on dog friendly transportation.
Dream commission?
This is a toughie because there's sooo much I want to do! 
How about after I've styled a boutique hotel, designed textiles, housewares, and women's clothing, I would be asked to do set design for some fantastic jaw dropping spectacle on Broadway.
Your favorite hostess gift?
To give?
I like to keep it simple… either flowers, a nice bottle of the host's or hostess's preferred hooch, or really good chocolate.
To receive?
Flowers (the stranger the better), hooch (Hendrick's or Patron), or chocolate (dark and a little salty)!
Who is your style icon?
Oct-Mir 4
I don't think I really have one. I admire a variety of people's sartorial expression, but more so it's the attitude behind the clothes that I find most intriguing. That being said and pretending that all their clothes would fit me, I wouldn't mind robbing David Bowie's or Mick Jagger's closet for jackets and other leather goodies, and I bet I could find some good things in
Lou Doillon or
Kate Moss's closets.
Your favorite up and coming artist ?
Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 10.13.54 PM
They are both already fairly well-established, but I just love Jessica Joslin's
and Brian Dettmer's work.
What is your most treasured possession?
It's a toss up between my grandmother's dentures and a mutant kangaroo paw that looks like a beautiful bouquet of flowers from another dimension.
What are you reading?
 "Confessions of a Sociopath", by M.E. Thomas alternating with
"The Interestings" by Meg Wolitzer.
What are you listening to?
Currently I'm listening to a mix I made for an art installation/ party I had in 2007 with bands like Mudhoney, Television, Pavement and M. Ward on it. 
I need to clean my house and it puts a little boogie in my butt!
Favorite Fashion / Design Blogs?
I look at a bunch… The Cool Hunter,
DesignLoveFest,  Intelligent Clashing,  
The Dieline are just a few.
To get you better acquinted with Miranda's wonderful work…
lakethe prince of spring,  2011 ,  encaustic collage,  24x18,  lo res
lakeon the prowl,  2011,  encaustic collage,  12x12 lo res
lakehalfway around the world from you,  2013,  encaustic collage,  20x15,  HI RES
lakethen she was gone,  2013,  encaustic mixed media,  10x6,  HI RES
lakeher majestys secret service,  2013,  encaustic collage,  48x36 HI RES
Which one is your favorite? I am dying for an elephant piece (go figure).
All images from Miranda Lake and Hidell Brooks Gallery.
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