T.G.I.F. – time for a lovely cocktail or mocktail. Summer is the season of the cocktail. I find a drink always tastes better out of a real glass and with a pretty cocktail napkin.  It must be “my mother” in me.   I have a slight obsession lately with the embroidered cocktail napkins of August.. read more →

via Cocktail season is upon us.  Next week I will be making my fave Apple Cider Margaritas for Thanksgiving (because my family refuses to let me cook).  No cocktail is complete without a chic linen cocktail napkin.  I prefer mine to be embroidered. Here are a slew of fab ones… via via via via via.. read more →

22 Apr 2012
April 22, 2012

Busy Weekend

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Saturday was Big Saturday, an annual carnival,  at my children's school.  I worked a few booths and checked in on my daughters jewelry sale.  She has sold jewelry for a few years.  Her business name is Twinkle.  She wants to create an online store.  Impressive for an 11 year old I think. These Nepalese beaded.. read more →