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Hillary & Laura share stories about meeting some of the designers and artists who recently joined The SoGood network.



Mallory Page, Artist
Based in New Orleans

We met Mallory on our first trip to New Orleans – a city that we’re excited to officially launch later this Spring. Her Julia Street studio is behind one of those gorgeous old doors that you assume must be hiding something beautiful. Lucky for us, this time it was. Mallory’s studio is pristine white with polished cement floors – the perfect background for her work that is often large-scale and always bold, colorful, and deliciously layered.
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Sally King Benedict, Artist
Based in Atlanta

by Laura Martin

I first encountered Sally’s work on a trip down to Charleston in 2009. At the time, I was (without knowing it) just weeks away from changing careers to start my first company as a complete novice diving head first into the art world. Sally’s work was – without a doubt – a catalyst for my career change. It’s work that stayed with me and that I felt compelled to tell my friends about. Over the course of 4 years, I was fortunate to work with some of the best artists in the US and abroad. While there are dozens – if not hundreds – of artists whose work I love, there are only a handful of artists whose work consistently stays with me and defines my personal experience with loving art. Rene Ricard, Marilyn Minter, Elizabeth Peyton, Alex Prager — and Sally Benedict. To me, she’s one of the best. Her perspective is incredibly unique, unabashedly feminine, yet strong, precise and full of energy.
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Amanda Stone Talley, Artist
Based in New Orleans

by Laura Martin

It was one of those “stop the car!!!” moments when we happened to drive by Amanda’s studio on our way back from our day’s last meeting. Hillary and I had heard a lot about Amanda and were excited to see her work in person. Amanda’s studio is filled with work and it was thrilling to see such a comprehensive collection in one spot. She works in a variety of sizes, mediums and color palettes. Her work is vibrant & full of movement. In a sea of color, I found myself drawn to her more neutral work and was delighted to discover strokes of metallic and bursts of neons worked in. The other notable discovery from our impromptu studio visit? Amanda is wonderful: easy to talk to, fun to laugh & brainstorm with, and a dog lover just like us!
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Jonathan Savage, Interior Designer
Based in Nashville

Jonathan Savage came highly recommended to us by several women with impeccable taste. A Tennessee native, Jonathan spent time in New York City honing his craft with David Kleinberg Design Associates before moving back down South to open SAVAGE Interior Design in Nashville, TN. His style is clean and modern. He has a knack for paying homage to his Southern roots in a way that feels wholly contemporary. His client base is diverse – with ongoing projects from New York to California. Always one to scout out the best items for his clients, Jonathan recently launched a private label collection of unique furniture and accessories as well as his most coveted finds from across the US.
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Iris Thorpe, Interior Designer
Based in Birmingham

by Laura Martin

We spent the month of January traveling the country and blizzard-like weather seemed to follow us wherever we went. We landed in Birmingham the morning after a snow storm caused complete havoc. Iris kindly (and quite literally) dug herself out of the snow to meet us at her shop & design studio, Iris & Co. She is welcoming and energetic – and it’s instantly apparent why someone would trust her to create a beautiful living space in their home. One thing that really excites me about Iris is that she loves to tell a good story; and that’s reflected in the spaces she designs as well as in the items she handpicks for her shop. Spend an hour with Iris and you’ll learn about everything from the origin of an African artifact she loves to her philosophy on blending old and new. She’s a thoughtful designer who will steer you towards a functional (Sunbrella!) fabric for a nursery chair or a work of art that has a story you can relate to and will want to retell.
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Holly Phillips, Interior Designer
Based in Charlotte

by Hillary Crittendon

When you meet Holly Phillips, Charlotte, NC-based interior designer behind The English Room, you may feel as though you already know her through her keen use of social media and instantly addictive blog. I, for one, gave her a hug because her posts and design have inspired me to get the wheels turning on many a dreary morning. Known for her self-described eclectic taste, and bold yet savvy use of color and pattern, Holly creates fresh spaces and incorporates a bevvy of cool accents you’ll immediately add to your lust list. We’re thrilled to feature Holly on The SoGood and, if you love a good blog like we do, hers is not to be missed!
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