Tips to Grow Your Brand via The Southern C Summit Stars

Are you signed up for THE SOUTHERN C SUMMIT?  

04.27.16 – 04.29.16 | CHARLESTON, SC

It is the ultimate conference for online influencers, social media junkies, creative entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, new business owners and bloggers.

I interviewed a few of the star speakers to get a few tips prior to the upcoming event.

These entrepreneurs will be hosting a panel on “From Blogger to Brand.”

Just a handful of tickets remain. Sign up now! 

Grace Atwood of The Stripe


 Three Tips to Grow Your Brand?  

Aesthetics are important! Invest in a great designer and build a site that is clean and easy to use but also you! Blogging is so saturated these days; it’s important to stand out right from the start. I would recommend Victoria McGinley or Hanna Seabrook – they are both incredibly talented… but I know that there are also a lot of great pre-made templates out there if you are just getting started. On that note, photography is really important. I found that hiring a professional photographer really helped me to both build my audience and simultaneously attract advertisers. It also helps to save time with photo editing, which I am terrible at!

Be Consistent. Stick to a regular posting schedule. I try to post to my blog + social channels the same time every day… to send my email newsletter at the same time every Friday morning, and so on and so forth it. It will help to establish reader loyalty and keeps them coming back for more.

Know Your Strengths… and your weaknesses. I’m super organized, a good writer and pretty good at all the business stuff behind running a blog, but I’m actually not the best with the photography element, which is embarrassing to admit because it is so important (probably the most important part!) of running a blog. Like I said before, working with a photographer has helped me immensely. I also have friends who will help me edit photos in a pinch (again, not my strongest suit… I never seem to make my images bright enough!) Over time I’ve picked up some tricks from them, but I’m a big believer that outsourcing the things you aren’t good at is hugely helpful. An old boss told me to focus on my strengths and outsource the things that I’m not as good at… it’s such great advice! If you’re just starting out and can’t necessarily outsource it helps to work with fellow bloggers who have complementary skill sets… even just being able to pick someone else’s brain is so helpful!

Why you want to come to The Southern C Summit?

Charleston is my favorite city (besides New York, of course). I love the architecture, the food, the people, the history… you could say I’m a bit obsessed (and it’s such a short flight!). I try to come down a few times a year, and have heard the most amazing things about The Southern C Summit and Charleston’s incredible community. So basically, I couldn’t pass up the chance to connect with my fellow creatives + brands in my favorite city!

Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love


Three Tips to Grow Your Brand?

Original content – with the rise of popularity in blogging this is the first step in making your site and social channels stand out. 

High quality imagery – one of the best ways to grow a brand is by being featured on like minded outlets. People are more likely to share your content if the imagery looks good on their own sites/social channels.

Network – networking both online and offline (like at the southern c summit!) are critical to introducing your brand to creatives that you respect. I’ve learned so much from blogging friends, especially these 3 talented ladies sharing this panel with me.

Hire a PR company – while not right for all, tapping the base that PR brands have direct access to can accelerate your growth by maximizing your opportunities and reach.

Why you want to come to The Southern C Summit?

I haven’t missed a Southern C Summit yet – not only is it a fun time but each year I meet new southern creatives and brands that become friends and, in some cases, project partners!

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