Travel Tuesday (and please VOTE)

I have two great trips on the horizon and have booked a third today.  I am so excited to be attending ALT Design Summit in Salt Lake City in January.  This has me thinking luggage among other things.  I am in need of a new large roller bag.

I have been obsessing over tis luggage from Pinterest.  The mystery is solved…

This was custom made by Louis Vuitton for the movie The Darjeeling Limited. Since this is not available I will have to settle for some other fabulous choices. I absolutely need this for my safari (one day).

Louis Vuitton is a timeless classic.

Goyard is the bomb!


T. Anthony is a excellent american choice.

I would go for the Cobalt roller bag.

I am dying for this Rebecca Minkoff skull roller bag via Gilt.

Orla Keily cars roller duffel is fun and bright.

DVF black and white graphic print set is a good choice.

I have this fun Halsea bag that is carry on size and super durable coated canvas.  It comes in other great patterns.

What is your favorite luggage?


Please remember to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE daily on Olioboard until August 22nd!


Thank you much…I truly appreciate your help.

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  • August 7, 2012

    DVF all the way!  Love the Orla Keily one too

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