I seem to be on an equestrian kick that I cannot kick. I was stopped today by another horse. Katie Kime’s new Horse & Tassel wallpaper is a real charmer in Green or Orange. The World is Your Oyster is another Katie Kime favorite wallpaper. See all Katie’s creative Wallpaper’s HERE.  Be sure to subscribe to THE.. read more →

Today I cannot help but share a new find.   Paradiso by Sahco is a divine mural paper that would make the most amazing dining room or small entry.   I cannot wait to find a place to use this.  It reminds me of the Rio Olympics.  Isn’t it a stunner?  Be sure to subscribe to THE.. read more →

Emoji Collection  The world is officially Emoji mad, and Murals Wallpaper have followed suit with their Emoji Wallpaper Collection. From tech-savvy teens to modern day foodies, there are options for anyone looking to express themselves. The wallpaper murals, which are designed and sold by Murals Wallpaper, utilise cutting edge digital printing techniques and one of a kind graphic design. The prints can simply be hung.. read more →

It has been a Manuel Canovas heavy summer but I truly cannot resist so many of their new prints.   They seem to be the master of great prints, many of which I have shared over the years HERE.  This latest find called Newport just screams New England to me especially, in the red and blue. I can see a perfect.. read more →

I have wandered all around the web this week to find some fun. I have my exciting trip to Maine, Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard starting on Thursday. Please share any recommendations. So excited!!!! Why does summer fly by? It kills me.  Wimbledon inspired…how cute is this?  I would watch tennis if the ball boys were.. read more →

I am a longtime fan of designer Aimée Wilder as seen HERE with her fab Pineapple paper and more. She brings bold, graphic designs to high-end designer wallpaper and fabric from Brooklyn, NYC to the world. Environmentally friendly and handmade in the USA. Aimée finds herself floating through an unknown galaxy. The stars, asteroids, and comets begin to morph.. read more →

It has been a Manuel Canovas heavy week but I truly cannot resist so many of their new prints.  They seem to be the master of great prints, many of which I have shared over the years HERE.  The latest few fabrics and wallpapers are truly exceptional. Hazara seems to capture the wild Mongolian landscape complete.. read more →