Thibaut never seems to disappoint with their new introductions. I am smitten with the new Bridgehampton Collection and a few beauties in particular. Bridgehampton is a collection of peppy and spirited traditional patterns inspired by the fashionable area in New York. Our studio has incorporated upbeat and lively designs into this coordinated collection of wallpapers.. read more →

High Point Market was full of wonderful finds. Design Bloggers Tour introduced me to great brands but, I also branched out on my own. I am always in awe of the volume of new product. Walking the halls I was stopped by the image below in Worlds Away. The curation is perfect with bold wallpaper,.. read more →

Diving straight into the 2016 interiors trend, Murals Wallpaper launched their Tropical Wallpaper Collection. Designed in-house by their team of expert designers, these original prints capture all the essence of the summer vibes with a twist of South American flair. Playful, textured and bursting with character, these wallpaper designs will bring your rooms to life.. read more →

I am newly obsessed with a line I have long known but, was reintroduced today to Christopher Farr Cloth.   Grizzel and Mann was in town showing and I am taken with some new beauties and old alike.  My favorite standout is Kit Kemp’s Traveling Light Wallpaper.  J’adore!  Traveling Light Fabric is a fav too… read more →

I am an admitted wallpaper textile and fabric junkie. Everyday I come across more and more new collections. I see so much new product it becomes hard to impress me. That being said,  the new Pierre Frey collections have knocked my socks off! They are superb and perfectly timed for Spring i the air. The colors, patterns and.. read more →

I am slightly OBSESSED with the new Osborne & Little introductions!  The far away favorite is Fantasque – A sleek panther stalks amongst extravagant Art Deco foliage. You know I cannot resister animals and bold color.  Are you dying too?  Check out Cubiste too – Rectangular blocks of varying size printed digitally on the diagonal on.. read more →

I am mad for a new discovery I just found via Vogue –  fabulous wallpaper collection by work + sea. These unusual oversize murals are unlike anything else on the market. I’ll be dreaming with a wall of poppies with monkeys dancing throughout. The Rousseau inspired garden could make an amazing room as well.  Pop.. read more →