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Wanderlust Wednesday: My Viking River Cruise

I have been home 10 days from the most wonderful adventure that I cannot get out of my mind. My husband and I headed down the Danube on a Viking River Cruise. We meandered through Hungary, Austria and Germany. It was just magical.   I shared the Budapest beginning last week HERE. This week is..

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Best of Budapest

I am fresh off an amazing week in Europe.  Most of the week was spent traveling down the Danube with Viking River Cruises. We chose to spend the weekend prior to our departure in Budapest. Budapest is an incredible historic city divided by the Danube into two distinct sides Buda and Pest.  I reached out..

Wanderlust Wednesday: Jane Scott Hodges in NOLA

I had such a busy May I realized I did not properly share the NOLA home of my friend, Jane Scott Hodges of Leontine Linens from House Beautiful.  Her home is incredibly beautiful, fun and brimming with whit and whimsey.  It is so my style from the art to the layers of color and pattern…

Wanderlust Wednesday: Viking River Cruise

Those who know me of follow my blog know I have a SERIOUS case of wanderlust.  I think it is an inherited trait I got from my grandmother, Boo. She traveled the world constantly to exotic locales bringing home treasures from every port along the way.  I remember fondly my wooden clogs from Holland. I..

Wanderlust Wednesday: Painted Elephants Series by Charles Fréger

Wednesday leads me through the valley of wanderlust filled a visual trip to Indiato enjoy the pretty pachyderms of the  Painted Elephants Series by Charles Fréger. This series of photographs are truly mesmerizing and incredible.   When can I have a painted Elephant?   Or at least a set of these beauties hanging on my wall…..

Wanderlust Wednesday: Gilded Hotel of Newport

You may remember last summer I went to Newport, Rhode Island for a getaway.  This summer I am doing the same.   I am so excited to share the uber chic chalet where I am planning on staying, Gilded Hotel.   This hotel is just divine in every detail and not for the faint of..

Wanderlust Wednesday: L’Horizon Palm Springs

I am in a constant state of wanderlust. Palm Springs has long been on my bucket list. 2015 may just be the year. I am thrilled to share the new L’ Horizon luxury Resort and Spa opening in Palm Springs next month.  The L’ Horizon Palm Springs, an independently owned luxury boutique hotel by Steve Hermann, is delighted to announce..

Wanderlust Wednesday: Château Gütsch by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

I see a trip to Switzerland on the horizon … CHÂTEAU GÜTSCH  A grand boutique hotel and restaurant housed in one of Switzerland’s most famous buildings, dating from 1888.  After extensive refurbishment by the internationally celebrated interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Château Gütsch is once again opening its doors; 27 unique rooms and suites with..

Wanderlust Wednesday: Chalet Pelerin

I I am coming off a major travel high with my return from the glorious Mustang Monument.   I cannot yet step back into reality, so I want to share a divine find in the Alps from the Eleven Experience available for rental.  One of my favorite other properties of The Eleven Experience was my..

Wanderlust Wednesday: Mustang Monument

Wanderlust has set in once again. In order to cure said itch in I am headed on a trip of a lifetime in a few weeks.  I am going to a ranch in Nevada,  Mustang Monument.  Stacy Kunstel, of Dunes and Duchess, had posted pictured about 18 months ago on Instagram and I could not..