I have long been searching for a particular vintage scarf by Hermès, Les Cheyennes by Kermit Oliver, circa 1993.  It is now mine and I adore it.   I see these scarves as works of art. This scarf is historic for many reasons. The scarf is titled “Les Cheyennes” but was quickly changed to “Plumes de L’Ouest“. Supposedly.. read more →

Nothing seems more fitting to share on our Independence Day than my love of the west. It is what we fought for and treasure.  You have seen my continued Western dreams multiple times through my many western themed posts most of them being my most popular posts ever with Ralph Lauren's Ranch, Scarp Ridge Lodge and Shooting Star.. read more →

I am such a fan of the 4th of July.  It is such a fun holiday where we celebrate for days in the mountains with parades, games, parties and fireworks. .  There is a strong need for the patriotic attire.  I have amassed quite the collection of goods from the cowboy boots (below), custom painted.. read more →

  London is abuzz!  I am excited for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee next Tuesday.  There are so many wonderful items to be had in the UK.  A few I may have to ship across the pond. I will be in the Alaskan wilderness next week and will miss the festivities.  Keep me posted.  If any.. read more →