31 Oct 2017
October 31, 2017

Gucci Glam

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I am an accessory girl. I honestly don’t care for clothes as much as I do shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry and the extras that bring together the basics.  Scarves are my go to accessory.  They are the easiest way to be put together.  This season Gucci is doing all the things right.   Their scarves.. read more →

Butterfly Fields Silk Scarf We may not all be able to own an original Hunt Slonem painting but,  Echo Design has afforded us the opportunity to all have a piece of his work with this lovely scarf collaboration. Finches Tubular Scarf All Ears Silk Scarf Bunny Hutch Square Scarf Dear Santa- Please bring them all!.. read more →

I have long been searching for a particular vintage scarf by Hermès, Les Cheyennes by Kermit Oliver, circa 1993.  It is now mine and I adore it.   I see these scarves as works of art. This scarf is historic for many reasons. The scarf is titled “Les Cheyennes” but was quickly changed to “Plumes de L’Ouest“. Supposedly.. read more →