Art Love: Conny Goetz Schmitt

Happy Monday!

I adore the work of Conny Goetz Schmitt whom I have featured HERE.  

She is in the currently on exhibition at Hidell Brooks Gallery

conny goelz schmitt is a collage artist and sculptor who spent her youth in germany, moved to taiwan in her twenties, and relocated to the united states in 1996. having been immersed in three very different cultures, she is drawn to hard edge painting influenced by the german “attention to detail”, the retro color palette reminiscent of taiwan in the 80s, and the very often experimental and creative pioneering spirit of americans. her medium of choice is almost without exception the vintage book.

in germany she studied sinology and german literature at eberhard karls university in tuebingen. she was named sculptor of the year by chief curator of boston university, kate mcnamara in caa’s 69th members’ prize show. in 2016, paul c. ha, director of the list visual art center at massachusetts institute of technology, selected her work for the best multi media prize in caa’s national prize show. he work has been featured at galerie biesenbach, cologne (germany), the cultural association of rosa venerini, viterbo (italy), the painting center, new york, site: brooklyn, new york, the danforth art museum, framingham, ma, among others.

i create geometric collages, assemblages and sculptures with vintage book parts. my work is a never-ending story where i play with deconstruction and reconstruction, and changing dimensionality – often within one piece. on the hunt for textured surfaces and faded colors i deconstruct discarded vintage books. by means of décollage the element of chance becomes an integral part of my process. while extending the margins of my compositions i build new space, always conscious of maintaining balance and harmony within the work. although my work seems planned and calculated it evolves organically within a rule-based system. the interplay of sizes, shapes and color leads me on a search for the perfect placement of my salvaged and manipulated material. this pursuit becomes both meditation and ritual.


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