Artist Spotlight Series: Andrew Faris

I have a huge art crush on this latest Instagram find.  

His bold and colorful work is simple, stunning and awe inspiring in contrast to the rough  mountain environment.

I am drawn to the work just as I am to Frank Stella’s many masterpieces.

Enjoy getting to know

Andrew Faris

Jackson, Wyoming

What is your training? 

Raised by wolves. Studied Fine Art and Visual Communication Design at Kent State University where I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Spent a winter in Zurich, Switzerland studying with Swiss typographer Ruedi Ruegg. 12+ years of professional graphic design work. Being a husband and dad.

Here is a favorite photo of me taken by my friend (since 1st grade) Chad at the Centre Pompidou, when we spent a summer living in Paris together with another friend. Good times.


What inspires you and your designs?

Compassion. A kind word. Sparkling champagne sunshine emerging from a glistening sea. An eagle effortlessly gliding in azure sky. A precisely cut Chanel frock on a willowy blonde. A Michelangelo, a Rembrandt. DaVinci or Warhol. A bracing autumn breeze. A Mozart symphony. A jug band romp. A LeBron James dunk. A Shakespeare sonnet. Chocolate. A good laugh. Happy kids on Christmas Eve. They all inspire. As do so many, many other sights, sounds and assaults on the senses. I simply process the mix, run them through a funnel. And what comes out is my beauty. My art.


What is your favorite piece?

Dapple feels good right now.



How has your area influenced your work?

A year ago I relocated to Jackson, Wyoming, from Los Angeles after 10+ years. Now instead of Big Blue buses and buildings I’m surrounded by the mountains and wildlife. Space has expanded. Time has changed.

Seeing the sunlight as it tickles the Tetons throughout the day has me thinking about light and color. Having 4 distinct seasons reminds me of how essential change is, how I can let go of things in my work and how one thing leads to the next.


What is your favorite restaurant in Jackson?

Lotus Cafe – Jackson, Wyoming. My girls and I love the Blueberry Belgian Waffles.


What is your favorite cocktail?

Really liking High West Whiskey – American Prairie (a blend of straight bourbons). Neat.


How do you balance personal life and work?

My studio is next door to my house. The line between life and work is blurred, which I like. I don’t really look at the two as separate things. One life. I do have a slackline and two hammocks in the yard to help me practice balance though. 


 Dream trip?

Road trip. No timeline. No budget. No destination. Music. Camera. Snacks. Start in the northwest and follow the coast south. Stop whenever curious. Maybe make it to the southern tip of South America. Maybe not. Just roll. Dream on.


 Dream commission?

Right now I really like the idea of doing a large-scale outdoor mural. It is something I haven’t done yet. I think my work would look good on the side of a big bare building.


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?



Who is your style icon?

This is kind of funny considering I typically wear the same thing (Mountain Khakis and a Patagonia black-hooded sweatshirt) everyday in the studio. I like what Peter Beard,


David Lynch

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and David Hockney have going on…



 Your favorite up and coming artist?

I feel like I’m discovering someone new everyday. 

Here are a few:

Christian Rex van Minnen 


Paul Kremer




Todd Bienvenu


Derick Smith


What is your most treasured possession?

I’m not very sentimental about stuff, we don’t get to take any of it with us in the end, but I do enjoy and appreciate it. I recently got my first turntable, some new speakers and a pile of vinyl. I’m working on my essential 100 vinyl albums. I like my Todd Reed wedding band. My book collection. I have some nice handmade shoes from my dad. An ivory buddha-like figurine from my childhood that represents Luck and Happiness. A mint-condition Case Peanut Pocket Knife given to me by my grandfather on my 10th birthday.


A little hand-carved wooden giraffe from my mom. I got a new Santa Cruz mountain bike this summer. Oh and my VHS copy of The Jerk.


What are you reading?

I recently finished The Book by Alan Watts

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and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

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I’m juggling between a few others now. Cosmos by Carl SaganRising from the Plains by John McPheeLiving Energies by Callum CoatsThe Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. The list goes on…I’ll never read all the books I’d like to.

Also, I get these great daily emails from Brian Johnson ( about optimizing your life. Inspiring.


What are you listening to?

Right now Bob Dylan’s album New Morning on a loop. I’m a lifelong Dylan fan but up until recently I hadn’t spent any time with this album. I gravitated towards Bringing It All Back Home,  Highway 61 Revisited,  Blonde on Blonde and Blood On The Tracks. I always have music playing in the studio. There is so much amazing music. My dad was a music critic so I grew up with a house full of music. The seasons and time of day affect what is pumping through the hi-fi. If it is late at night though Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks is most likely spinning.

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

This list is constantly evolving these days as I have somewhat recently discovered/embraced Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.00.15 AM

Everything is accessible now. On Instagram I really enjoy @love.watts, @canvvas_, @failsvids, @_nitch, @juxtapozmag, @artsxdesign, @umyeaharts, @booooooom and there are so many more.

Enjoy his amazing portfolio:








































  • December 15, 2015

    What a great interview, Holly and I love his art – so fun and happy! Enjoy you day!

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