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After an unusually crazy week, I finally have lots of lovelies for you to see.  There are a bunch of my favorite High Point Market […]

I am so excited for my upcoming trip to Austin I have compiled all the regular research channels that I check into one massive guide. […]

Wonderful lazy weekend… we visited the most precious Engish Cockler Spaniel Puppies.  My oldest is dying for one… Gigi in love… Bo being mauled… beautiful […]

I LOVE Halloween.  I love the season, the colors, the candy, the costumes.  It is such a fun and creative holiday.  I have a Pinterest […]

  Kyle Bunting  Louis in Extremis pillows I have always had a bit of a skull fetish, not in a goth way but, I think […]

It is no secret I love the work of Lindsay Cowles and I LOVE color.  These too combine in WALLPAPER. Woohoo.  This paper will be […]

A lazy night watching the Emmy awards and my recent Napa trip gave me the idea of wine and food pairings translated into Emmy ensembles and rooms.  Here […]