Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

We are en route to Texas for a weekend of fun in Fort Worth.

We have big plans to stay at the new fabulous Hotel Drover and back to back nights at Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk to see the Bellamy Brothers tonight and Miranda Lambert tomorrow night. I am so excited!

We will also get to see our daughter at TCU

I am craving all the things….

Crazy for crochet with This and This sweater.

Hats with THIS, THIS and THIS.

Dresses with THIS, THIS, THIS. THIS and THIS.

THESE are the do everything sandal. 

Texas has me wanting all the boots. 

Weekly Wants:

One week and lots of slow shipping I hope you have Mother’s Day gifts accomplished.

Be sure to check out my 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide if you still need ideas. 

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