The latest Artist Spotlight Series feature is another southern talent that I was introduced to through late night Instagram stalking.   I also have seen and shared her incredible design work on the One Room Challenge. Enjoy getting to know this marvelous blogger and multi-talented artist.  Angela Chrusciaki Blehm Georgia and Asheville, NC    What.. read more →

I spotted this latest artist in Charleston’s Atelier Gallery through the window on a Sunday a while back.  I had to take a picture and do a little research to track down my latest Artist Spotlight Series talent that captured my attention with his unique work. Enjoy getting to know  Spencer Herr Asheville, NC What is your.. read more →

Jane Pope Cooper hardly needs introduction.  I have known Jane Pope for ages (which I will not divulge). She is stylish, chic and talented.  I covet her jewels to be sure.  I am excited to spend more time with her in Charleston at the upcoming Southern C Summit. Tickets are dwindling. Hop on it FAST if you.. read more →