I am always looking for new sources and this little gem, H Studio,  will certainly be the go to for acrylic barstools and more for my design firm.  The HStudio Collection began with the sculptures of artist and founder, Shlomi Haziza. Over the years, the collection has grown to include, not only sculptures, but pedestals,.. read more →

I have decided this will be the summer of creativity.  I find myself drawn to more artists than ever in the summer heat.  The wild abandon upon which they create is inspiring in so many ways. You will not find me languishing away the hours of summer but soaking them up and creating something (not.. read more →

I am excited to share the sculptor Bradley Sabin with my readers that a client of mine introduced me to. There was a strong NOLA draw from the client to this Bayou bred artiste.  I them had the privilege of seeing his work at Voltz Clarke in NYC.  Bradley Sabin New Orleans, Louisiana An avid gardener.. read more →

There were too many highlights from my Blogtour Milan and Venice trip to count. One of the favorites of the Venice visit was the visit to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.  Stepping into the former palazzo of the eccentric art addict was such a dream.  The small but well curated collection was right up my alley.  I.. read more →

I have a few non working fireplaces in my mountain house that I have struggle with what to do with them.  Well, Kathryn McCoy Designs just answered that question. Custom Selenite Fireplace Sculpture Are these not so cool? and with an added bonus… “Selenite crystals are remarkably peaceful. They carry a very high vibration, and.. read more →

I was delighted to receive an invitation to the next show at Hidell Brooks Gallery in the post. The upcoming show of this Charlotte gallery is sure to blow you away with two greats. Ruth Ava Lyons whom I have featured on my Artist Spotlight Series has some new beauties to share and the incredible sculpture of.. read more →

I am a tad obsessed with the work of artist, Patrick Dougherty. He is a North Carolina artist who does exterior sculptural work using found branches and sticks. The designs are breathtaking and imaginative. The works usually begin to break down in the natural elements within a year or two. Check out his website to see.. read more →