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You all know I am a jewelry junkie. I love the boho look with piles of bangles and necklaces.  I am the "more is more"

Kate Davis Jewelry

Charleston, South Carolina









What is your training? 

Well, making jewelry was not the original path I set out on.  I actually went to school for an undergrad in Marine Biology.
I have been playing around with jewelry making since I was a teenager and in my twenties I taught scuba diving & marine biology on sailboats where I would travel around with bags of stones & cord….as well as dive equipment!!.  Putting together, necklaces and bracelets with my goodies was something fun to do in the downtime, when I wasn’t teaching.  I would also pick up random bits of coral and shell from the different islands we visited and add them into what I was already making.   When I moved to Charleston, SC I found that people actually were interested in buying the stuff I was creating.  Crazy!!.  My skills were limited so I began reading everything I could get my hands on and probably watched hundreds of hours of online tutorials.  About 6 years ago I did a 3 month apprenticeship with a designer in Toronto, Canada and she taught me all of my metal working and stone setting skills.  That literally changed my life and opened me up creatively to some very cool ideas I had been playing around with on paper…but didn’t know how to achieve technically.  I still challenge myself everyday and actually really enjoy when customers ask me for custom pieces.  It encourages me creatively to keep an open mind and try new things.