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Things are finally happening around this joint!   Goodies have been installed, shipped, delivered, scheduled to be delivered, etc

One step forward and two steps back is this weeks ORC theme, sadly.  See my ORC WEEK 1,  WEEK 2, and WEEK 3 if you are

I have a little progress to report. The room is being painted but, my busy week at market has slowed me a bit.  I am

I kinda put together a rough plan for my Fall 2015 One Room Challenge Be warned. It is a wild one! Carpet - Karastan Exotics Aberdale Antelope Sofa Fabric -

It is that time again for the One Room Challenge!!! I am a glutton for punishment yet, it seems it may be the only way

Woohoo!  It is finally time to present the final REVEAL of the One Room Challenge. See WEEK 1,  WEEK 2,  WEEK 3,  WEEK 4 and WEEK 5 to get up