I could not be more thrilled to introduce you to a dear friend, business mentor and talented artist. This man is worldy, wise and one of the most interesting people I am lucky enough to know.  We are kindred spirits with so many common interests that we immediately connected. I am now mesmerized by his.. read more →

“The Rainbow Connection” sung by the bright green Kermit the Frog has always been a favorite of mine. Rainbows and bright colors have always spoken to me in some deep way.   The art of this talented Canadian artist show us the the true & beautiful illusion of the rainbow. Enjoy getting to know Kristofir.. read more →

I am thrilled to introduce you to a long time favorite and much belated feature that slipped through the cracks somehow.  I have 2 of her pieces in my office including a custom Iris.   This artist and I connect through our love of color, pattern and whimsy in her fabulous faces that she captures… read more →

Instagram has uncovered yet another talented artist. The distinct style of this artist seems to be Alex Katz with a twist of Francesco Clemente. I was immediately drawn to her whimsical works many featuring a favorite icon of mine. Enjoy getting to know Michelle Vella Toronto, Canada   What is your training?  University BA degree.. read more →

I’m completely enamored with the work of my latest Artist Spotlight Series feature. His work will be shown for the first time in United States in just a few weeks at Gallery Orange in New Orleans, Louisiana. His work has captured my heart because it is naturally a girls best friend with either champagne or diamonds. Enjoy.. read more →

I am thrilled to share my latest Artist Spotlight Series feature. This abstract artist was found via Instagram. Be sure to follow her HERE. Enjoy getting to know Amira Rahim  Cedar Grove, New Jersey  What is your training? I have been receive art training since I was a kid. I spent time in high school.. read more →