Art Love: Lesley Grainger

I am thrilled to share a little ART LOVE today with Lesley Grainger’s new ‘NARRATIVE + COLOR‘ collection that is now available to view and purchase!


“I’ve been working on this original abstract collection for 3 months. Each piece is inspired by my growth as an artist, bringing together the years of my dedication and love of painting. I wanted this collection to have sincerity, clarity and purity, by simplifying and accentuating the beauty of the mark and color. My purpose is for the viewer to gaze into the narrative of the painting, to feel inspired by my intentional, yet intuitive marks. On reflection, I think this is prevalent in my journey, both in life and as an artist. For me, I love how abstract painting is creating something from the mind and thoughts of your soul that has never existed before. There is a mystery and the feeling behind the art, that words cannot always describe.” 

See her full portfolio HERE and follow Lesley on Instagram

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