Art Love: Susan Hable at Spalding Nix

I am a huge fan of artist and designer Susan Hable.

I have featured her HERE and HERE.

I an excited to let you know of her upcoming show at Spalding Nix Fine Art

The show, WELLSPRING draws inspiration from her garden in Athens where color abounds and where “conversation” can be seen through the different mediums — clay sculpture, bronze, collage and oil paintings.  Susan’s garden and the art are the place she has found serenity and “centering” during the last year.  When Susan and Spalding stood and looked at the work as a whole, they found the “root” or common theme to be earthy but industrious. 

Susan spent the last year immersed in WELLSPRING and her hand can been seen throughout all the pieces making it a body of work that she is extremely proud of.

If you are in Atlanta be sure to pop in and see the show.

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