Artist Spotlight Series: Katherine Sandoz

I have known this talented artist for many years. We met at the first Southern C Summit where she was doing illustrations. Our friendship is rekindled with each Summit and I have become a huge fan of her work.   

She currently has a show in Atlanta at Spalding Nix until July 30th. Be sure to pop in.

Enjoy getting to know

Katherine Sandoz

Savannah, Georgia 


photo by christine hall 

What is your training?

Basic and advanced. I served our country from 1987-1995 in the Army Reserves. I finished undergraduate studies with a double major from Mount Holyoke College. I earned two MFAs from the Savannah College of Art + Design where I also taught illustration for close to a decade. Nothing short of amazing, I was paid to be educated by hundreds of incredibly brilliant, enthusiastic and unique student “teachers”. My children, 7 and 10, require that I learn everything I’ve ever been exposed to again and, in most ways, anew.


What inspires you and your designs?

Every little thing you do is magic. And by “you”, I mean you and everything around you, everything you say, do, make. Every moment, sound, color, change seems a potentially important and key piece of information to be employed. So many shiny objects! Some of them I keep catalogued in sketchbooks some on Instagram – also Pinterest.


What is your favorite piece?

My favorite works (mine or another’s) perform like a fabulous outfit or haircut; they look good “in the photo” or when imagined in any home, space or place at any time in history.   Whatever “world” they are presenting, it seems plausible within the confines of the work. It distinctly represents the artist or designer’s voice and vision, and at the same time, belongs to us all.



How has the your area influenced your work?

I spend a good deal of time out of doors and I paint and draw from life which means that my subjects are those close to me. My photographs of the area around my home – the forest, marsh, sea and river – serve as crib notes for shapes, colors, textures and image making in general. Nature perpetually schools and reminds me how to engineer images.

What is your favorite restaurant in Savannah?

The Wyld Dock Bar! It’s family friendly and has a well-informed, fun and professional staff.   Folks arrive by boat and by car. The food offerings suit my taste for local, colorful, fresh with a twist in seasonings and/or combinations. And they have the best set designer in the world on staff; she’s beautiful, strong and moody and also my muse – nature herself.


What is your favorite cocktail?

Maybe an afternoon collaborating on a project, a jump in a river or lake, sun dry, a long table of gardened and hunted food, (red) wine, the smell of cut grass and a bonfire? Do they bottle that? And I’ll have a latte!


(photo by keith morgan)

How do you balance personal life and work?

My offices and studio sit on my property and my family and children are as present there as my work is in our home. I rarely leave anything “at the office”, often work nights and weekends. I don’t ever stop thinking about “work” and don’t really want to. My personal life and those in it inform and help sculpt the work. While the proportions may not be equal, the boat stays afloat.


(photo by keith morgan)

Dream trip?

Anywhere with potable water and without biting insects. Is there nothing better than seeing a new place, new colors, hearing new sounds for the first time? I’m as happy in a city as in the country, but a dream trip would marry a daytime blitz of streets, cafes, bazaars, churches and museums with beach or mountain combing and botanical garden walkabouts.   Nights I’d linger at the supper table followed by the dessert of live music and dancing preferably with those who have, say, 30-60 years experience leading.


Dream commission?

The art director is very versed in visual communication and is conceptually driven. They understand the language of formalism, communicate very precisely, have a formidable budget and a professional photographer on staff. They enjoy the crack of electricity that collaboration can induce. Also, Patrick Li, please call me anytime!

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

I like to gift artist and artisan made works. I adore receiving and giving plants. Vintage books please for their design and illustration and for the fact that you can curate the look, feel and subject very easily.


Who is your style icon?

Lauren Hutton! Every decade, every way!


Up and coming artist?

Menghan Qi

Her point of view and facility with materials surprises and moves me.


What is your most treasured possession?

I have some art and art objects that are on my fire list. By this I mean, if the house caught fire, I’d grab these.   All were made by friends or peers and were received or purchased in unusual ways. Collecting art gives three times; once as an object, twice with its acquisition story and third when it is passed to the next generation.

What are you reading?

Harrison Scott Key The World’s Largest Man (my kinda funny-sad)


Daniel A. Bochner, PhD the emotional toolbox (everybody needs one)


What are you listening to?

The Conversation Artist Podcast

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

The English Room: for this series and because HHP knows where to shop the kaftans!


one of Katherine’s illustrations of me…

World of Interiors: for styling and page layout


A look at her stunning portfolio:



(color fields) tidal pools 7" x 8" water-based media on panel 2014-2015










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