I am thrilled to introduce you to a talented local artist. We share a mutual love of animals and she captured me with her recent show. She has morphed into a lady farmer of sorts with a menagerie of creatures as well as, a new budding creative career in photography that is getting highly esteemed.. read more →

I am excited to introduce you to a wonderfully talented photographer and artist that I met  through social media then at High Point market. My latest Artist Spotlight Series feature is one to watch. Enjoy getting to know  Wendy Concannon Philadelphia, PA What is your training?  My earliest explorations of photography began in the darkroom.. read more →

I was recently introduced to this photography project that pulls at my heartstrings. What special artwork for your home this would make knowing you are helping protect endangered species.  “Three out of four of the animal species you’re familiar with — tigers, elephants, and lions — may be extinguished within three human lifetimes.” Film photographer,.. read more →

I am mad for Gray Malin! His photography is modern, fun, colorful and classically chic with a whitty nod to the work of Slim Aarons at the same time.  The latest introduction this week with Gray Malin at The Parker II has me wanting more walls in my life.   I would ADORE this big.. read more →

This is yet another recent obsession of mine.   My designer gal pal, Meredith McBrearty, introduced me to these Vintage Barbie and Ken Photos of David Parise in the fall and I was quickly enamored with the vintage Slim Aarons style of these quirky photographs.  I am dying to use a gallery wall full of them.. read more →

Wednesday leads me through the valley of wanderlust filled a visual trip to Indiato enjoy the pretty pachyderms of the  Painted Elephants Series by Charles Fréger. This series of photographs are truly mesmerizing and incredible.   When can I have a painted Elephant?   Or at least a set of these beauties hanging on my wall….. read more →

Drama…lots of drama this week.   All brought on and caused by me. Retail therapy really does help a heavy heart. Be sure to subscribe to THE ENGLISH ROOM for extra news, giveaways and discounts.  Let’s get friendly on Facebook,  Twitter,  Pinterest,  Tumblr and Instagram.   Please feel free to contact The English Room if you are interested in our interior design services in Charlotte.. read more →